Sunday, 4 March 2012

The forgotton about granita.

It was a bit ambitious thinking we could make a granita in a couple of hours.  Grossly overestimating our freezer's freezing power we checked on it's progress hopefully every half hour while we stirred it. Left with a pool of slightly chilled sangria mix just before the entree went out and we had to admit defeat. We couldn't serve this up as an aperitif on our Spanish night.  The intention was then to bring this out at a later stage in the night. This quickly left our minds over the excitement of sampling the array of Spanish wines. 
The granita was discovered in the freezer the next morning .. "Ah, the granita. It's ready", with Caroline bringing a teaspoon for me to try in bed. The first taste was awful- "oh god, red wine".  Not something my palate could handle with a fuzzy head and the taste of last night's wine still very vividly engraved in my memory.  So, Lowrider licked the rest of the spoon.. Is that wrong?

Skip forward a couple of nights, and the hot weather brings to mind our forgotten frozen granita.  Easily the best remedy after a warm day at work.

The recipe is from the Spanish book Cocina Nueva by Jane Lawson. It seems to be out of print here, I think this book was picked up at a discount book store.

Verdict: Really good (just not after a night of red wine)
Would we make this again?: Yes, all drinks should come in frozen form. This recipe also stemmed the thought that we should have a granita a week -yet to be implemented, but watch this space. Hopefully we'll be able to time it perfectly with Melbourne's next heat wave.

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