Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Perishable Artwork

This was the feature piece at our most recent dinner party.  We could easily have added this in amongst our more edible creations of the evening.  But excessive pride in our craft forced us to separate the two.  This truly deserves a post of its own, and maybe a career change.. Definitely a new hobby.  Food art/food carving.  This is clearly the way forward.  There has always been talk of a novelty cake business on the side, but move over cakes.  I think we have a new mover shaker in town.

Food art.  It may seem a little excessive in this throw away society but.. so are flowers,  We've seen some of it around -the Lady Gaga meat dress(oh-la-la), Maurice Bennett -New Zealands most renowned toast artist and not to mention Carl Warner's excellent foodscapes.  Have we gotten on to something here? Is this to the Teenies what fondue was to the Seventies?

The 'recipe' for our Cauliflower Lamb and Squash Goose comes from Garnishing: A Feast for Your Eyes by Francis Tayln Lynch.  This book is a must for anyone else wanting to test their creativity in the kitchen and join in with our new hobby.

This book has it all - Eggplant Penguins, Watermelon Wishing Well and Randolf, the Red-Nose Rain-moose - something for any occasion.

Table decoration kept to a minimum, with old sheepie bird here taking
centre stage.

What better way to entertain our guests while they wait for their main course than with a
bag of veggies.  Here (excuse the photo) our special guests have created
a smoking Mexican.  Top effort.

This is quite possibly more fun than our last obsession, the Lego game Creationary -and every one  gets to win!

Verdict: Yes
Would we make this again?: And yes, do we need say anymore?

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