Monday, 5 March 2012

Wholesome food with mum in mind

Comments are always welcome.  This one came in the form of a facebook message from Caroline's mother.
Your food blog is excellent but the undertones are a bit worrying...Sex changes? and as for Pony's bit - binge drinking, aggression, and a suggestion of bestiality and animal cruelty! What would Nigella think?
Can I put in a request for something genteel e.g. cucumber sandwiches or better still something very wholesome.

This one's for you Mum.  We sourced one of the oldest cookbooks we could find on the shelf then carefully selected the most outrageous sounding recipe from it.  And what a beauty it was - very wholesome!
Behold: Pineapple and Rice salad.  As found in A Taste for All Seasons by Beverly Sutherland Smith circa 1975.  It has a vast array of tasty treats from stuffed cucumber to cold chicken in curried cream.  A worthwhile purchase for nostalgia's sake or even just to impress the older person in your life.

This was our first outing leaving the confines of our kitchen to attend our friends barbeque/pool party.

The pineapple rice salad was a clear hit.  What with rice, pineapple, sultanas, peanuts, capsicum and a healthy serve of mayo all served up the pineapple itself it was bound to be the BBQ favourite.

Verdict: Not bad.
Would we make this again?: For entertainment value, yes!
Crimplene 70s dress up night - it would be on the top of the list.

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