Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Stuff those bad boys

Banana Chillies stuffed with Crab and Chicken in a Green Curry Sauce from Spirit House. Really love this book, everything that has been made has been a success. There is a great section at the start of all different curry pastes, which are great to make and freeze down into ice cube trays to use at a later date.

We used our joe's long cayenne chilli from the garden, they grow up to 30cm and are wrinkly and creepy looking. They're not that hot so added some green chillis too.

We first saw these chilli  at Heronswood Gardens down the Mornington Peninsula and needed the seeds then and there. Their chilli plant was 7 years old, which for the first time our chilli plants are staying around instead of composting them every year.

I did cheat a little with the green curry paste, and use the food processor which blitzed the onions and made them a little watery - a little less love in this curry paste, but it still tasted great!

The banana chillies where stuffed with the chicken and crab mix, and topped with a green curry sauce.

Verdict: The sauce was nice but stuffing could have done with some more flavour.  Caroline says salt, but we don't all have salt addictions.
Would we make this again?: Yeah, we have a few more 'stuffing' recipes to look forward to, so once that's over with I wouldn't rule out a repeat. Next time we would add some of the curry sauce with the meat mix before stuffing.

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