Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Clearing up the back-blog

Well, we're ticking off the recipes.  Cooking is a bit of necessity around here - constantly planning our next meal, dinner party or theme night.  The blog however doesn't seem to be getting the same attention.  Sitting, laptop in hand, trying not to get distracted by the usual suspects - the puppy, alcohol, My Kitchen Rules (sorry, guilty pleasure) isn't an easy task.  Two words per hour seems to be the average writing speed around here.  

Enter Pony, this weeks guest writer.  She'll be musing about the Spanish themed meal we dished up, the delightful company and being an avid dog lover, I'm sure that Lowrider the pup will feature! 

Looking forward to a fresh perspective from one of our favorite wordsmiths.  A great way to clear the mounting back-blog.

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