Friday, 3 February 2012

Killing two birds with one stone

On the menu tonight:
Barbecued chicken - Speight's Southern Man Cookbook
Spicy green beans with cashews and coconut - Kitchen Garden Companion

After a hard night of planning all the recipes we would make from our 112 strong cookbook collection we opted for something a little simple.  And nothing says simple like a shoving a can of beer into a chicken's butt.

In true Stephanie Alexander style we picked the beans and chillies from our garden

Spicy green beans ingredients: cumin seeds, desiccated coconut, shallots, long green chili, turmeric, coconut milk, cashew nuts, garlic and green beans.

A delicious way to keep chooks moist on a barbecue or some form of misogynistic torture?
The recipe called for us to drink 1/2 a can of beer, shove the remainder up it's behind and baste it with a mixture of soy sauce, sweet chili sauce and oyster sauce. Then barbecue.

Verdict: One moist drunken chick.
Would we make these again?: Yes, chicken again for entertainment value.  Beans..not so much, prefer plain.

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  1. As a fellow food cooker i enjoy what yous have dun wif the chook. The way it has crisped up reaL GOOd like that suggest to me that it was cooked in a conventional oven. Might i suggest using a microwave or perhaps a deep frier in future. I have also seen chicken prepared at an establishement called cuntucky fryed chiken. They seemed to have moderate sucess with their secret blend of herbs and chicken dust. Might i suggest you track that recipe down.Also, I do a blog relating to chicken wing dings and there effect on ethnic minorities. You can find my blog at from one chicken lover to another....Im giving you the bird!!!