Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Crêpe Tuesday

So this is the first I've heard of Crêpe Tuesday/Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday. This conversation stemmed from us having a fridge full of cream, so a dessert was on the cards. Looking through our recipe selection we see Crêpe and Chocolate Terrine from Terrine (one book we have two copies in our household), and here I learn about Crepe Tuesday. You say Crepe Tuesdays, does that mean I should eat crêpes every Tuesday? No, so it turns out its custom to make pancakes on Shove Tuesday, as it is a way to use up the eggs before Lentern fasting begins as eggs are forbidden during the Lent.

So that put crepes on the menu tonight, this still doesn't solve our cream problem, but we'll have to save that for another night. Over dinner we have moved on to bigger discussions - Lent. What can we each fast for 40 days? Alcohol was a suggestion, when we worked out we had quite a bit on for 40 days so not really realistic. Not buying lunch for 40 days, not buying coffee either, but I need to get up extra early now to take Lowrider for a walk so I need coffee (this gets dismissed by the other 2 early rises), that I decide my Lent is to not buy lunch or coffee for 40 days.

Shopping. Okay, Caroline's fast is shopping, which may spurt a burst of online shopping tonight, "ooh I really want these pair of shoes, can you buy them for me and I'll pay you back in 40 days" the lent scamming has already started before it has begun.

Troy - he's thinking about Lent, and maybe ponder some more over a bowl of lentils.

And a household Lent fast ensued a cookbook buying ban.

Back to the crêpe terrine. Lots of pan changes, trying to find the best crêpe pan, which adds that extra pressure of the first crêpe always being bad, so 4-9 bad crêpes half eaten, and no terrine in sight at this stage.

Not bad down the finishing line.
(Do we mention that we had to cut the crêpes in half to get the stack like they did in the cookbook)

Frou Frou Moo Moo eggs, each delicately lying on a bed of tinsel.

Luckily we are not forbidden to eat eggs over the next 40 days, as friends of ours have just started a small boutique egg business Frou Frou Moo Moo, which their happy little chickens are watched upon by a couple of friendly Alpacas. All of which can be viewed from their website (launching soon) where they have a live video feed onto the Chickens and Alpacas.. very hilarious. I wonder how many hours I will stare at the little chickens just going about their business. I also love how they are marketing all there small eggs/bantam eggs as children's eggs - such a great idea!

Verdict: Was pretty good, probably needed some more sauce, or a berry coulis wouldn't go astray.
Would we make this again?: Maybe, if we felt the need to have a competition who could create the largest crêpe tower.

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